Not So Trivial Pursuits

The love story of our relationship with God is all about pursuit.

First, sovereignly, and without this we would be lost and damned, He pursues me. He had no need to, He is perfection, complete in Himself, He needs nothing and no-one. But, for some reason, known only to Him, He chose to love me. He chose to make a way for me to, not just see Him in Creation, but to meet Him personally. Imagine it, not just some famous person but the Creator of everything wanted to meet me and get to know me. There was a huge barrier between us, if I entered His presence as I was I would be destroyed. The closest I can get to explain is if I walked into high radiation without a suit, the radiation would kill me because I was not protected. I need a suit. Jesus provided that suit – His Righteousness. Now I can enter God’s presence without fear.

So first He pursued me and now I pursue Him, not because He is running away but because there is so much of Him to know and I want to know more and more of Him. So I seek Him out. I accepted the Holy Spirit to live in me. He speaks to me about the Father and Jesus, He wants to change me through the decisions I make, I look in His Word, reading about what He has done, what He said, what He wants for me. I study it, learn it, let it change me by affecting my attitudes, my viewpoint. I meet with others who love Him and know Him and learn from them as I share my life with them.

People say ‘I found Jesus’ and I know what they mean but if I think for a moment this was my idea I am mistaken. He chose and decided to pursue me. In response to His choice and His pursuit I chose and decided to be ‘caught’ and now to pursue Him. That I will run towards Him with all I have, with all my heart, for all my life.

God was totally committed to pursuing me. He still is. The amazing thing is that even though I waver, even though I am not totally committed to pursuing Him at times, He still lets me see Him and hear Him and know Him. Love like that is incredible. Love like that wraps itself around my heart and mind to daily increase the amount of time I am 100% committed. Love like that says it has already paid too high a price for me to let me fail. Love like that will not let me go.

In the light of that love the other things I pursue are trivial. So why do I waste my time?

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