What’s it Worth?

I love to worship God. I might have said this before but there is nothing more precious to me than being in His presence, singing, praying, lifting my heart and hands to Him, hearing Him speak, feeling His touch. On my own, or with others, it delights me. More importantly it delights Him. He is enthroned on our worship, as we give Him what is His due. The first commandment no other gods, and the greatest love the Lord with all you are.

We are created beings and designed to worship. It’s in our DNA. Look around, everyone worships something. Worship means to give worth to, so that it has impact on your time and money. Here are some of the things we worship: sports, food, clothes, superstars, education, cars, houses, children, success, fame. You might not use the word worship in context with these things but if they take up time, money, thoughts, and affect attitudes and character then they are being worshipped.

I was reading about Gideon today. God was so patient with that man, it gives me hope when I need to keep asking him ‘are you sure?’ He was a great man of God, and God did great things through him but he made a significant mistake. After a big victory Gideon took his reward and melted it down into an ephod.

 Gideon made the gold into an ephod, which he placed in Ophrah, his town. All Israel prostituted themselves by worshipping it there, and it became a snare to Gideon and his family.

Judges 8:27

I am sure he made it to remind him of God’s hand. But it became a snare. Imagine it, the shiny gold ephod – starting off as a symbol of what God had done but gradually the truth fading and the ephod so shiny, so golden, so entrancing. There’s a reason God said ‘don’t make images to worship’. We are physical beings and get too easily entangled by other physical things.

I have spoken about setting stones in our memory that remind us of what God has done. But they must point us at God and not at themselves. I am feeling good right now after the way God worked this weekend, but if I stay here in this feeling and don’t continue on my journey with Him what am I worshipping? The act of setting me free or the One who freed me? I am on a mountain top right now, close to God, basking in His love and it is good and right to give thanks for it. But the road goes on. In the dip ahead I can look back to this moment to encourage me to worship in the valley, to keep going amid the shadows, in the tough times.

The Holy Spirit helps keep my eyes on Jesus if I ask and listen. He’s been doing it for a very long time, He’s the expert. He reminds me of who God is, what He has done and produces the joy and peace I need to keep moving. He has trailblazed the path and moves ahead of me lighting the way. He also walks alongside me keeping me from falling. And He has prepared a place for me to end up in, an eternal home with Him. Nothing else compares to Him. No other ‘god’ loves me like that.

I think that is worthy of my time, my energy, my money, my devotion, my worship.

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