All you do to me is talk talk

There, I just dated myself, song from my youth. Talking about prayer I’m not going to go on very long because the whole point of today is listen. It was on my heart yesterday after I wrote about prayer. It was confirmed by a friend last night, it was profound in my quiet time this morning in my bible study and in my talk with God time.

 God is in heaven
  and you are on earth,
  so let your words be few.

            Ecclesiastes 5:2b

I think that says it all. Yes God longs for us to bring our needs, our requests, our worship, our praise to Him But just like any relationship He wants to talk back. He yearns to tell us how much He loves us, how to handle the situations we face, how to live, how to love, how to be.

It’s hard to clear away the myriad of thoughts that come crashing in when I try to be quiet and listen to His voice. There’s a lot of advice as to how but it is hard. But like all things that are hard it will get easier with practise otherwise no-one would be able to do it because truth is we all start out weak – from Peter to Martin Luther to John Wesley to Mother Teresa to your priest/pastor to me to you. He is the one who is strong and it’s in His strength we grow.

How do we grow – by listening 🙂 Not a vicious circle or a circle of lfe but a spiral of growth closer and closer to Him. Because one thing I can be sure of is if I move closer to Him then He will without a shadow of a doubt move closer to me. He is waiting with increasing urgency to do just that, hands poised to snatch me up and cradle me and talk to me as soon as I make the least move.

My prayer today is that I learn to discern His voice from among the hundreds of thoughts and noises and things that flood my consciousness. I think that’s a prayer I will be praying for the rest of my life.


5 thoughts on “All you do to me is talk talk

  1. Oh what a thought JUles. To listen and to hear. To be scooped up and to be loved. Whispered to and cherished by Abba, the lover of our souls. That He might make us whole as only He can. Thank you for sharing this.


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