Who am I?

Not a question you hear much out and about, unless you are in a movie and the character is an amnesiac. But if we could read people’s minds I think it’s a much more common question than we suspect. Or perhaps variations of the question. Identity is a huge issue just look in any ‘trendy’ shop, along any high street or in shopping malls. Check out what the cool kids are wearing both young and old. What watch makes the best statement about who you are? What brand of shoes says you have arrived or do you refuse to be ‘branded’ and make your statement about who you are that way? We are urged to constantly live with one eye on everyone else.

As a Christian I am not immune to that pressure, at all. The best way to be immune would be to become a hermit in an isolated place where you meet and see no-one. Maybe then it’d be keeping up with the ants or eagles. I suspect envy, covetousness is something we have inbuilt into us. Though it’s not always bad, there’s nothing wrong with wanting nice things but that should not define us, nor be the driving force in our lives. But how do we keep it in check when we are surrounded by billion dollar industries that press us on every side to buy, to want, to have, to be.

I need to see myself through God’s eyes.

I need to look at myself and see what He sees.

I have this excitement inside me when I think about this that I am going to fail to put into words because it can’t be. I can only hope and pray you catch the vision and see for yourselves.

He LOVES me. I am defined by that and only that. Nothing else I do, or say or am matters unless it reflects the truth of that statement




He loves me despite anything I have done good or bad.

He loves me despite anything I will do good or bad.

He does not love me because I accepted Jesus as my Saviour, or because I worship Him and pray and read my bible.

He does not love me because I love Him.

He loved me first.

He loved me too much to leave me without an escape from the punishment I earn daily and He sent His son to die for my sins, to pay my punishment while He was still a stranger to me.

I could go on and on. But this is better felt than tel’t.

Ask Him to show you how He sees you, to let you feel the love, the overwhelming, unending, unchanging love He has for you. Then ask Him ‘who am I?’

Life changing.


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