Yesterday I talked about memories, remembrances, things we store up to remind us of how good God is that help us through tough times. Kind of like a personalised extension to Hebrews 11. But there is another kind of stone in the Bible, specifically the Old Testament. On the high places Israel was told to tear down and destroy there were stones established to worship gods of other nations.

If you read Kings and Chronicles in the Old Testament, you’ll see the sad saga of destroying and rebuilding these sites that God said were anathema to Him. One king would have them torn down then a future king would have them rebuilt or ignore them.

They sacrificed to false gods, which are not God—
    gods they had not known,
    gods that recently appeared,
    gods your ancestors did not fear.

Deuteronomy 32:17

I can hear you saying the same thing I say whenever I read this? “How? How could they forget the God who had just led them from slavery?”

Exactly the same way I forget the God who has redeemed me from slavery to sin.

Not forget completely. But get distracted from, take my eyes off, drift away from on tides of all sorts of things. Fear is of course the worst culprit. No wonder God commands so many times ‘Be strong and courageous‘.

But there are other things, other situations and circumstances in my life that I let put down roots, establish themselves and interfere with the walk I want to have with God. Pride, TV, temper, food, worry,  books, criticism and many more. We all have unique walks with God, but there is one thing that should characterise each one of us, that makes us like each other and different from the world. Like  Him.


Love for Him, love for ourselves, love for each other, love for the lost, love for the broken and hurting, love for the person who criticises us, the one who hurts us. The two great commandments are about love. If I concentrate on those, on coming back to those no matter what gets in my way to distract me; if daily, hourly, minutely I check that my attitude is concentrated on following those two commands there will be no room, not a fraction of an inch of ground for high places that mock God to get established in my heart.

They rise up easily, fear, worry, pride, laziness, distractions. But I don’t have to climb a hill with a huge hammer because the Holy Spirit is right here within me to correct and realign. He loves me, completely, perfectly, intimately. Those stones I spoke of yesterday help too, reminding me of God’s goodness, that He IS God, there is no other. That safe in His hand what do I need to worry about, fret over, be hurt by? Looking at Him the weeds that entangle, the fears, the stones that would trip me become very small.


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