O Happy Day

Every single day is a day we can celebrate the resurrection of Jesus, but there is something special about Sunday. Whenever two or three believers are gathered together God is there with them but there is something special about Sunday, the day we set aside to gather specifically with God’s people who are called Church

There is something extra special about this Sunday, Easter Sunday.  After the refocussing of Good Friday I felt an extra zing in the joy of the resurrection that we celebrate specially today. The tomb is empty: He is risen as He said.

Yes there is something special about Sundays. But it is something I can feel every day. Because the power that raised Christ from the dead doesn’t just live in me on Sunday, in the church building. It is with me every second of every day to empower me to live as Jesus lived. To walk as Jesus walked. To do the things Jesus did. 

That’s the whole point of this happy happy day. The power that enabled Jesus to walk the road of obedience that led to His hideous death now lives in me because He conquered and triumphed and sent His Holy Spirit to empower me. And you. I hope that I shan’t be asked to suffer as my brothers and sisters in Nigeria, or Iraq, or North Korea or China (and many many more places) are suffering. But if I am then the same power that strengthens them WILL strengthen me. How do I know? Because the Tomb is Empty! Because that power helps me resist temptation every day, it helps me to walk in love, it helps me to live today.

There is nothing that can separate me from that power, from the Love of God made manifest in my life. Nothing except me. The choices I make, the decisions I decide can lead me away. So today I choose Him. I choose Jesus. Just like the disciples who were transformed by the power of the resurrection, by seeing and experiencing the resurrected Jesus  I choose to be transformed by that same power. Because the thing that makes this, and every day, a Happy Day is His mercies are new (and available) every morning.

Hallelujah! He is risen.


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