So I finished yesterday saying I was going to stick close to God and that there was room for you too. And I got to thinking that maybe I should talk a bit about how I think we do stay close to Him. Not that I am expert by any means but God has been speaking to me about it. Ask Him for yourselves too, He is very eager to have your company – I think you might be surprised just how much He wants you close to Him.

Take delight in the Lord,
    and He will give you the desires of your heart.

Psalm 37:4

I delight in lots of things. I love a long scalding hot bath with a good book. I LOVE a good book even bathless. There’s nothing like a glass of wine and a sister. Chocolate… well let’s not go there. I love cuddling with my daughter in front of the TV or at the movies. Walking along a beach gives me great pleasure. I love to swim, just being in water makes me very happy and peaceful. So many many things that I delight in.

So how do I delight myself in God? I needed to think about these things I love:

Why do I delight in them? They make me happy. They give me pleasure. They make me content. They make me feel good, valued, cherished.

What does delighting in them mean? I anticipate them. I make time for them. I try and extend the time I spend doing them. I want to linger over them and extract every last moment of the experience.

Do I do that with God? Do I want to linger in His presence, over His Word and savour every moment or do I want to just ‘get it done’? Do I set aside prime time to be with Him or just when I can squeeze it in? Is it something I anticipate that I am excited about even to sharing with others my eagerness or is it something I feel is a chore like shopping?

These are sobering thoughts. I came to a series of decisions.

Sacrifice: I must make time for Him, at the expense of other things because being with Him makes me happy, makes me feel cherished and peaceful and it changes me. It makes me the person He plans for me to be.

Attitude: I need to do this, if my life is given to Him then spending time in His presence isn’t a chore, or a ‘duty’ it IS Life. He is what I hunger for, what I thirst after. My priorities need a drastic overhaul.

Expectation: He will meet with me, He will change me. He will give me the desires of my heart as I delight in Him. (What those desires are is another topic) One desire of my heart is to know Him better and hello! this is how I do that.

Is it easy? Not always. Sometimes yes for sure. But other times: when things crop up and disrupt my plans; when I am tired and just want that extra hour in bed; when I know there’s sin He wants to deal with then it’s hard, very hard. But is it worth it? Absolutely. Without a single doubt. YES!

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