Sticking Close

I was driving home from the airport last year listening to the radio, KARI Christian Channel. (550 AM in Greater Vancouver and Northwest Washington if you are interested. Not much music but some very good teaching.) Anyway I think it was Charles Stanley speaking about abiding in God. He said something very profound, that set my heart skipping. Three words that have become very special to me.

Nearness is likeness.

We become like the things we hang around.

I can identify with this easily. I pick up accents by talking to people. If I spend 10 minutes talking to someone Irish I will start to have that gorgeous lilt in my voice. If I speak to an Aussie, their twang will infect my accent. The only reason I don’t have a strong Canadian accent is because I spend most of my time with my family who all have English accents. Put me next to a Northener and ‘ey up lads s’a bit parky innit?

So when I think about this, is very obvious to me that when I spend time with God, in His word, in prayer, listening to Him, I ought to pick up His ‘accent’.

God doesn’t have an accent I hear you say. No of course He doesn’t but He does have other attributes I can imitate. I should imitate.

For example if I hang around someone who is French, I am going to pick up some language, mannerisms and such just from being with them. How do you think children learn to speak? Yes we mouth mama mama mama over and over until their first word is Mama. But what about all the rest? Did you teach your children to say ‘No’? I didn’t but I said it often enough that the little sponges soaked it right up and regurgitated it at me. They picked up grammar, verb tense, how to ask questions by watching and listening long long before formal education.

Same with God. If I watch Him, eyes glued to Him, ears pinned back for Him, heart open to Him. I am going to without a doubt absorb some of who and what He is.

Nearness is likeness.

I will become like the things I spend my time on.

Elite sportsmen have some degree of natural ability but they watch and practice and watch and practice and watch and practice to hone their skills. Just the same way with artists, musicians, cooks etc. No man is an island it is said, we are affected by and affect each other.

I want to be like Him. I want to bear fruit that says I am like Him, fruit that delights His heart. I can only do that by sticking close, by abiding. Such a beautiful word, the modern translations use ‘remain’ and that works also. I have to stay, I have to stick to Him, I need to remain as close, as near as I can and then I shall become more like Him.

Nearness is likeness.

I am staying near God. The good news is there’s plenty of room for you to stay near Him too.

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