What if….

King of my heart.

That lyric, or similar ones, appear in a lot of worship songs. I was singing one last night my hands raised, my eyes closed, my heart full, my face radiant (or so it felt).

And that still small voice whispered. “Am I?”

So I paused and considered.

Is He?

But in your hearts revere Christ as Lord.

1 Peter 3:15a NIV

What does that even mean?

Your heart should be holy and set apart for the Lord God – New Life Version

 Instead, you must worship Christ as Lord of your life – New Living Translation

Through thick and thin, keep your hearts at attention, in adoration before Christ, your Master. – The Message

Still, what does it mean? I write a lot about the heart, but then so does God in the Bible. The heart of the matter (pun very intended) is that our hearts are the battleground where we live and die as followers of Christ, as Christians.

We are told to guard our hearts, that God will guard our hearts too. That it is what comes out of our hearts that makes us clean or unclean. That we should love Him with all our hearts, souls and minds..

Is He King of my heart?

Sometimes He is.



It’s a good thing He doesn’t only love me sometimes or forgive me sometimes or bless me sometimes. His love is constant, His forgiveness is constant, His blessing is constant.

His grace is constant.

That’s why it’s all right that He is King of my heart sometimes. Hear me  now, I am not saying is is all right to stay that way but right now it is all right because His mercy is awesome.

This time tomorrow I want that sometimes to have been true for at least one more time. That He will have become King of my heart; my decisions, my time, my thoughts, my attitudes just a little bit more than He is right now.

And in spiritual terms He is King completely because He did it all on the cross and in His resurrection but I live in flesh and I am caught in that tension between what is True and what I experience. I would love it if I could live with Him as King all the time, but being honest I know I will fail and He will forgive and we will talk and His grace will be sufficient for me.

So here we go looking for one more step along the road from where I am now closer to the New Creation He has already made me.

What if we all took one more step along that road?


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